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Stop wasting time and money on LinkedIn. Start generating leads using our fully managed LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads service with guaranteed results.

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What is stopping you from generating leads with LinkedIn ads?

  • Not sure how to get started?

  • Do not have the time to do it yourself?

  • Worried about wasting money on ads that do not work?

  • Tried it and couldn't get it to work?


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Why choose our LinkedIn advertising agency?


We only do LinkedIn Ads

Not a jack of all trades, we are a master of one. We are the only agency in the world who specialise 100% on LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads.

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We guarantee you results

If when we turn your ads on, we do not generate any leads for you in month one, we will work for free until we generate the first lead.


Fully managed service

We take care of everything. We ask you questions at the start to get things set up and then feedback on leads.

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LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads Costs

We only sell one thing. Simple pricing, guaranteed results.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads Campaign


Month one cost £3,000

Start generating leads quickly with guaranteed results

  • Minimum ad budget £1500 per month

  • Three new ad creatives per month

  • Monthly Ad management

  • Month 1 set up & Month 2 onwards ads run

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Our LinkedIn Advertising process

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1. Create a lead magnet checklist

We will create a checklist to offer your ideal customers in exchange for filling out a lead gen form. It will be “X mistakes <insert ideal customer> makes when trying to <insert what they are trying to do>. Like ours below ⬇


2. Set up Linkedin Ads

We set up everything up in month one and your ads will go live from month 2. We will continue to optimise your ads to get the biggest return from your ads spend.


3. Leads sent directly into HubSpot CRM

We will either connect your Linkedin ads account to your existing HubSpot or set you up with a free HubSpot account. This means you can see all the leads we are generating along with reports on the costs.

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Generate sales-ready leads from LinkedIn Ads

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At Lead Gen Ads Agency, we know you want to generate high-quality sales leads. In order to do that you want to use LinkedIn ads to get in front of decision-makers in your target companies.

The problem is that LinkedIn Ads can cost you a fortune and not generate any results, which can make you fearful of wasting your precious marketing budgets.

We believe that Linkedin ads do not need to be complicated. We understand how difficult and expensive it can be to generate leads from Linkedin advertising. That is why we have built a service that utilises industry best practices and expert knowledge.

Here is how it works. We create a checklist laser-focused on your ideal customer and the problem you can solve. We then set up your LinkedIn ads and send those sales-ready leads directly into your Hubspot CRM for you to close. So book a call with one of our LinkedIn ads experts today. Stop wasting any more of your marketing budget and start watching the sales-ready leads roll in.

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Download our free LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads checklist

7 mistakes new LinkedIn advertisers make when trying to generate leads with LinkedIn ads