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Struggling to book enough new business meetings?

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  • Not got enough of the right leads?

  • Struggling to convert the ones you have got?

  • Not got enough new business appointments?

  • Booking meetings with people who are a waste of time?


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We have a tried and tested process that uses LinkedIn ads to find leads who know they have the problem you solve.

Stop wasting time trying to sell solutions to people who do not know they have a problem.


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Guaranteed results

When your ads go live we guarantee they will generate leads or we work for free.


Predictable & sustainable

Scale up your sales team and smash your targets with a reliable source of leads.


We only do one thing

We do the same thing over and over again and we keep getting better and better.

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Our proven LinkedIn lead gen ads process provides guaranteed results

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1. We generate as many problem aware leads as you can handle

We will create scroll-stopping ads. They attract people who know they have the problem you solve.  We send them straight into your HubSpot CRM.

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2. You follow up using our process

We will give you a process to follow up with the leads including call scripts and email templates. We will also tell you how to make a compelling offer to get someone to take a meeting with you.

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3. New meetings booked

We will give you a template for how to run the first meeting. If you get it right then the first meeting turns into a follow up and you have a new opportunity in your pipeline.

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LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads Campaign Costs

A campaign is designed to attract one type of person with one problem.  We charge a flat fee per campaign. We recommend a minimum initial ad budget per campaign of £1,500. Once operational, we can increase the ad budget to generate more leads. Our campaigns are evergreen. Once set up, we will ensure they keep generating leads for as long as you need leads.

You will need more than one campaign if you want to target more than one problem.

Each campaign includes three new ad creatives per month and monthly management. If you give us what we need when we ask, the campaign will be set up in 30 days. 

Month one cost £3,000
✅ 1 x Campaign

✅ 3 new ads per month

✅ Monthly Management

✅ Guaranteed leads

✅ Great value

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Month one cost £9000  £8,100
✅ 3 x Campaigns

✅ 9 new ads per month

✅ Monthly Management

✅ Guaranteed leads

10% Bulk Discount

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Month one cost £15,000 £12,000
✅ 5 x Campaigns

✅ 15 new ads per month

✅ Monthly Management

✅ Guaranteed leads

20% Bulk Discount

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Less prospecting, more meetings

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At Lead Gen Ads Agency, we know you want everyone in your new business sales team to be hitting quota. 

You want a calendar full of new business appointments. To get that, you need a constant stream of new leads that convert into meetings. 

Most people in your target market do not know they have the problem you solve. This means the majority of your team's prospecting time is wasted.  It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Salespeople shouldn't have to struggle to find people who have a problem. They shouldn't have to face demoralising rejection day after day. That's why we created a service to find problem aware leads using LinkedIn ads.

We are a specialist lead gen agency that offers guaranteed results. We only do LinkedIn lead gen ads and only do it in our tried and tested way.

We create a checklist of mistakes. Things that your ideal customer does wrong when trying to solve the problem you solve. Then create scroll-stopping ads. The ads offer the checklist in exchange for their contact details. Once we capture the lead, we send them into your HubSpot CRM for you to follow up with. We will also show you the exact process that we recommend you implement to follow up with the leads. 

Book a call with us today. Stop your sales team from wasting time trying to sell solutions to people who don't know they have a problem. You can help your team start filling their calendars, pipeline and order books.

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Want to know the common mistakes to avoid?

Download our free checklist and find out the 7 mistakes business leaders make when trying to book more meetings using  LinkedIn ads